Uncut Gems Movie Review by Film Critic Seth Kitchen

Watched on 1/13/2019



A charismatic jeweller makes a high-stakes bet that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. In a precarious high-wire act, he must balance business, family and adversaries on all sides in pursuit of the ultimate win.

My thoughts

In contrast to his slapstick comedy roles, Adam Sandler portrays the main character, a gambling-addicted, philanderer, jeweler that pawns jewelry he is supposed to hold to pay off his debts. The movie is literally just bad things happening to him. With so many negatives, and no comedy to back it up, it's hard for the viewer to root for him.

There is some "supernatural" effects occurring from the uncut gems and it begs the question why the main character wouldn't use those effects to help get him out of his trouble. He instead continues to give it away.

The climax occurs in the last 5 minutes of the movie and there really isn't enough time to resolve anything. Very rushed at the very end just to end the movie.

Celebrities like The Weeknd are thrown in randomly and it seems like just a ploy to add influencer value to make the movie better. Not impressed.

All of that being said, the movie has unique events to keep the viewer attention and the viewer feels stressed out while watching which give some credit to this movie.