Movie Reviews and Ratings by Film Critic Seth Kitchen

I love the arts.

The ability to record emotion, relationship, and/or meaning to a sensible object such that others can experience the same feeling cannot be performed anywhere else.

I went to school for engineering. I like starting with a problem and making a solution come to life. But do solutions strike any meaningful feeling within users? I think only when they are artfully created. For instance, I might want to build a new road to reduce traffic. I want to make citizens nearby happy by reducing their commute. However, if I put a plain concrete bridge with cars passing by directly in their backyard, it may be the most cost-effective and timely solution, but I may end up making them even more upset. But if I take some time to artfully create a covered bridge that appeals to the eye and reduces noise I not only have the solution I originally intended, but more as well.

I want to make a contribution to the movie community.

Going to the movies is something I've done since I was little and never fails to spark emotions I may not have otherwise felt. I think writing my thoughts down might let others think even further and relay their thoughts to me ( seth [at] I have an engineering and music background, which hopefully will add new perspectives than some other critics out there.

The challenge

I received an email from Regal Cinemas challenging me to watch 200 movies this year in theaters using their unlimited program. I accept the challenge and will try to watch a movie per day for the rest of 2020. But I think it will mean a lot more if I write down how I felt about each movie I watched.